This is provided as an update on the Key School athletic complex and a traffic safety alert

The Head of Key School, Matthew Nespole advised ARPOA President Tom Bodor (today January 25) that on Thursday, January 26, that well installation process will commence on the old golf course, site of the proposed Key School athletic complex.

Mr. Nespole stated that there is preparation work that takes place prior to drilling. Key School expects that work to occur on Thursday and Friday, and actual drilling will begin on Monday. Equipment and vehicles involved in the preparation work and drilling will be accessing the property at the entrance across from the old clubhouse.

The ARPOA Board asks that residents be alert for increased roadway activity, heavy equipment and vehicles entering and exiting the site and Annapolis Roads, and the potential for site dirt and debris to be deposited on the roadway from vehicles and equipment.

We urge all drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists to be especially vigilant and careful during this period. Be aware and alert; be cautious with noise canceling headsets/earbuds; wear reflective gear; and during low light, carry a flashlight.

Anne Arundel County Police Department secondary law enforcement officers serving the Annapolis Roads Community have been advised of the proposed activity and have been requested to have an increased presence in the Community in an effort to enforce speed limits, and to ensure traffic safety along the Carrollton Road corridor and throughout Annapolis Roads during this period.

Questions and concerns specific to Key School plans, actions, and schedule pertaining to this work should be addressed to:

Matthew Nespol
Head of School
The Key School

Questions or concerns for Annapolis Roads Officers and Board (includes the Public Safety liaison and Public Works liaison) may be directed to