Ogleton Woods

Ogleton Woods

The community of Annapolis Roads is home to Ogleton Woods, one of the few remaining large woodlands on the Annapolis Neck Peninsula. This 33-acre tract of mature, upland forest is dominated by large Yellow Poplar and Chestnut Oak trees, with areas of Virginia Pine, and understory trees and shrubs including American Holly and Mountain Laurel. The forest includes steep and moderate slopes, wetlands, and streams that feed Lake Ogleton and the Severn River. It is home to fox dens, a couple of species of owls and hawks, and pileated woodpeckers. In springtime, there are abundant wildflowers.

In 2005 the property was in imminent danger of being developed for 48 single-family homes. Annapolis Roads Property Owners Association (ARPOA) and the Bay Land Trust partnered to save the forest through a multi-faceted financing plan.

During the three years the property was owned by the Trust, the residents of Annapolis Roads pledged almost three-quarters of a million dollars and committed themselves to the use of their Special Community Benefit District to repay a low-interest loan that will complete the $2.8 million acquisition. Now, the residents of Annapolis Roads own and manage their Ogleton Woods for passive recreation, habitat, and water quality protection. We preserve the woods forever through a conservation easement held by the Maryland Environmental Trust.

Ogleton Woods has an extensive trail system to provide access for Annapolis Roads residents. There are three trail entrances on Ogleton Road. Two marked trail entrances are along St. Francis Curve (formerly referred to as Deadman’s Curve), and the other is at the top of Ogleton Road, at the head of the ARPOA road spur.  See the map below, or contact Ogleton Woods Forest Steward Doug Minion at dpminion@aol.com for more information.

Please be considerate of other hikers’ and residents’ peace and privacy. Remember county code says dogs should be on leash or under control at all times.