The ARPOA Board has been advised that individuals continue to trespass on the Key School?s athletic complex construction site on the old golf course. ?It is said that trespassers include children on bikes, joggers, walkers with children in strollers, individuals with pets, and those simply walking on the property.

The ARPOA Board reminds Annapolis Roads residents?not to trespass?on the construction site.

  • It is private property (not ARPOA community property);
  • The property is clearly posted against trespassing; and
  • It is an active construction site with potential for injury or harm to individuals.

Anne Arundel County Police Department Officers advises that there are deep excavations and dangers on site that present serious risks to individuals and pets. Additionally:

  • Maryland criminal law exposes violators to imprisonment and fines;
  • The contractor has installed cameras on the property to record photos of individuals trespassing;
  • The contractor advises that Key School has not granted any residents permission to be on the property.