Over the weekend, Annapolis had its first snow event of the season.? Snow removal responsibilities are split between Anne Arundel County and ARPOA, depending on which group owns the roads.? The contractor who plows the ARPOA roads is not allowed to plow County roads.? If you observe a problem with snow or ice on the roads contact the Public Works Director, Steve Stroetzel.? You can reach Steve by phone 410-507-5651 or by email stevestroetzel@yahoo.com. ?Steve will contact the appropriate party to resolve the issue.

In the past, the County has had problems with adequately salting / plowing Pinecrest, Old Bay Ridge and parts of Harbor Drive.? The Public Works Director has called the contact person at AA County to reiterate our need to have all County roads in the community salted and plowed.

You can also go to The AA County website to request service: http://www.aacounty.org/services-and-programs/snow-removal.? The website has information on the County?s snow removal procedures.? At the bottom of the page is a link to ?Request for Service.?

The County owns and maintains Old Bay Ridge (from Carrollton to Lakeview Drive), Pinecrest, Ogleton,? Carrollton (up to Lands End) and Lake View. The remaining roads in the community are owned by ARPOA and include Harbor, Claibourne Road and Court, Lyons Dr, Queen Anne Circle, Jenniper, Oak, York, and Paca.? Generally, ARPOA owned roads have a blue signpost, while county roads have green signposts.