Community Facilities/Boat Ramp

Boat racks, boat ramp, and dock facilities are for ARPOA household residents (including tenants) only.

Small vessel storage: All racked boats and boards must be ARPOA registered with the dockmaster, display a current sticker, and use their assigned rack space. Resident households are charged an annual $25 fee per boat/board, effective May 1, 2016. Boats without a current ARPOA registration will be removed from the boat rack and owner contacted. The purpose of the fee (approved by ARPOA 2010) is to avoid tying up scarce boat racks with derelict vessels and the fees help offset maintenance and improvement costs. The dock master posts a chart of assigned and vacant rack spaces to help new users select an available space.

Boat ramp access: Starting May 1, 2016, the ramp leading to the dock will be secured with a combination lock and registered ARPOA boaters will receive the combination that is changed at least annually. The dock master maintains a list of users, who will be notified if the combination changes.

Shed use. The shed is available to boat rack users for storage and is secured with a combination lock and the combination is available from dock master.

Dock usage. Only temporary (less than an hour) docking of vessels is permitted.

Boat/Trailer Decals: For the 2016 Boating season, a no-cost decal is provided after registration for each ARPOA owned boat or trailer that use our boat launch facilities. This registration process helps track seasonal use and contact information for the trailer or boat or Jet Ski or trailered sailboat owners .

Overnight trailer Parking: Please coordinate with the dockmaster if overnight trailer parking is required or other docking requirements develop. This minor effort via the dockmaster helps him respond to concerned neighbors about the ownership of boats using the complex.

ARPOA assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to boats, boards, cars, or trailers.

Download a registration form for the boat racks and ramp usage here:

For more information, please contact:

Richard Bradbury Houghton Dockmaster 410-571-5567
Jere Glover
Paul Reid ASSISTANT DOCKMASTER 202-299-7771