Discussion of the Key School Traffic appeal: ?Through our lawyer, we contacted the Key School in an effort to negotiate the most important requirements to mitigate traffic and safety concerns. The Key School lawyer requested a confidentiality agreement as a condition of any discussions. The ARPOA Board feels that this condition does not meet our community?s need for transparency. Instead, we will send a letter outlining our key requirements, which are similar to those outlined in the 2012 letter sent to Key School by a former board.

We elected Gary Mols to fill the directory vacancy, due to the election of Linda Dodge as Secretary.

Also discussed updates on old business, including Front Entrance new signage, Gibb Park working group and the ARPOA Directory. During the review of the Public Works director report, the board voted to approve funds to remove several dead trees from ARPOA property that are a potential threat to residents.

Minutes of the meeting will be posted shortly on the ARPOA website.