I can?t believe it?s December and 2016 is just around the corner! So it?s appropriate then to reflect briefly on 2015 in Annapolis Roads. Volunteers from all over the community completed several major improvements, including the community dock renovation, Overlook plantings, and the strategic placement of benches throughout the neighborhood, as well as the usual small but important maintenance projects that the Board oversees. Last, but not least, the County completed the long- awaited railroad embankment improvements at the end of Old Bay Ridge. We?ve got several projects being considered for next year, all of which will support our efforts to maintain the natural beauty and property values of the community. It?s been a busy year around the community and some thanks are due. I?d like to once again acknowledge the many volunteers, committees, and clubs that make our historic community such a great place to live. We enjoyed more social events than ever, thanks to the efforts of the Social Committee, and residents will have many more opportunities to gather in the upcoming year. I would also like to thank the ARPOA Board of Directors for their continued commitment to keeping the community safe and protecting the quality of life we all enjoy. As we approach the end of this year and look forward to the year to come, I would encourage all to take a moment and enjoy the quiet beauty of our neighborhood, chat with neighbors, lend a hand, or take a stroll in the woods or on the beach to remember the reasons why we love Annapolis Roads. Warm Regards, Tom Bodor