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* Hello Annapolis Roads! A message from newly elected ARPOA Board President Nick Kiley
* Not So Quiet Quiet Waters Park! Proposed office building within the Park
* Happy New Year INDEED! The last County front foot assessment bill for homes with grinder pumps
* ARPOA Social Committee is Seeking Members
* Water Fowl Hunting Season
* Missing Snow? Here You Go! Pictures from snowy years past

Hello Annapolis Roads!

As the holidays wrap up, I wanted to thank the community for their turnout in our annual election. It is important that people feel invested in the outcome of community elections and our budget process. The Board is here to manage the business of the Annapolis Roads Property Owners Association, Inc. and to do so in the best interests of our community. Your ideas, input, and support guide our roles as community stewards.

As we move into the new year, I’d like to invite folks to engage the board and our larger community. A simple email, volunteering, or any other gesture to let us know your thoughts, ideas, or what you’d like to see is always welcome.

The Long-Range Planning Committee and the Land Use Committee will be meeting shortly and would also value your input.

I personally invite you to email me at Nkiley.Arpoa@gmail.com (mailto:Nkiley.Arpoa@gmail.com) as well as our info@annapolisroads.net (mailto:info@annapolisroads.net) which is received and responded to by ARPOA officers.

The Board has lots of work ahead of it and is looking forward to all it can accomplish.

Thanks, and have a happy New Year!

Nick Kiley,
President, ARPOA
Not So Quiet Quiet Waters Park???

The ARPOA Board has recently been made aware of a private office building to be built within the confines of the Quiet Waters Park.

Resident Anastasia Hopkinson, provided a presentation at the January ARPOA Board meeting to bring our attention to this extraordinary, unprecedented private development within a pristine area of the park adjacent to the South River.

Her plea is for all of us to attend the January 20^th informational meeting at the Bay Ridge Christian Church. Please see below:

“The County is planning the new construction of a private, commercial office building in the newly acquired Retreat section of Quiet Waters Park. The presence of an office building, with its road and parking lots, will transform this tranquil meadow and old forest from a peaceful refuge for the human spirit to busy office activities. The main Park will also be changed by the additional traffic from office workers, their visitors and deliveries, and outdoor, private events.

Come to a public informational meeting on Friday, Jan. 20, 2023 at 6pm to 8pm at the Bay Ridge Christian Church, 1071 Bay Ridge Rd., Annapolis. Former Senator Gerald Winegrad will moderate presentations by officials from the County and the building’s developer, the Chesapeake Conservancy, and Q&As from the audience.” Anastasia Hopkinson

Note: Anastasia is a prior ARPOA president, long time officer of the Annapolis Neck Peninsula Federation, and is a member of the Friends of Quiet Waters Park.
Happy New Year INDEED!

Annapolis Roads residents whose property is located on the pressurized sewer system; annual sewer front-foot bills were issued on January 1^st. If you haven’t paid off the balance in advance, THIS IS YOUR LAST BILL!!!!

I know I tease you every year with how many years remain, but this is it!!! January 2023. This payment will close out what was a “loan” initiated on behalf of AA County originating from when the sewer lines were installed. The first payment was issued in January 1994. By the way, I did confirm it with AA County that this is the last bill.

Prior to the 1990s, Annapolis Roads residents were on septic systems. There were concerns about existing and future septic systems leaching sewage into Lake Ogleton, the Severn River, and the Chesapeake Bay. As early as 1976 ARPOA Board minutes make reference to a “planned sewer system”.

My understanding from conversations with residents who lived here at the time and from ARPOA archives, there was significant controversy over the installation of the sewer system in Annapolis Roads.
Most residents were not prepared to pay for the sewer line installation and capital equipment such as the grinder pumps.
Numerous meetings and briefings were held and eventually as we say “the rest is history”.
* It was going to be a costly endeavor for homeowners on septic systems, especially for those who would be on the pressurized portion of the sewer system (known as “AR II”).
+ Residences current and future on or above the elevation of Old Bay Ridge Road would not be pressurized, and would allow for a gravity-fed sewer line system to the pumping station. This section of Annapolis Roads, for the purpose of the sewer system, was known as “AR I” and includes properties from Old Bay Ridge Road (OBR) to Bay Ridge Road, the first 2 homes on Ogleton Rd. below OBR, and Carrollton Road from Bay Ridge Road to 2701 Carrollton.
+ The cost of the gravity-fed system (AR 1) would be significantly less since no electrified grinder pumps or alarm panels would be required and the system would be gravity-fed.Remember, as they say, it really does run downhill. NOTE: If you are on the gravity fed system, the last payments were in 2018.
* There would be a lot of disruptive construction that would impact vehicle and pedestrian traffic
* A site for the pumping station would be required.
+ ARPOA eventually sold the property that the County pumping station sits on at the end of Old Bay Ridge Road to the County. Also, the community granted an easement several feet wide down the middle of the greenway that runs from opposite of the Old Bay Ridge Road & Carrollton Road intersection.This easement provides for the sewer utility line to connect near Edgewood Road.
* Lastly, these sewer lines run under and along the right of ways of the roadways in our community – ARPOA owned, and County owned alike. Once the sewer lines were completed, the County contractor paved the roadways impacted. As an aside, this may be the determining factor for why some roadways now vary slightly from the original plats.

To check out your payment/payment history for your sewer front-foot go to:
Utility Billing (munisselfservice.com) (https://aacounty.munisselfservice.com/citizens/UtilityBilling/Default.aspx) The easiest way to access your bills is to do so by street address.

NOTE: you will probably see at least 2 accounts: the account that is the front foot payment that expires this year is the one that doesn’t end in 3 zeros.
Some random checks indicate residents’ front foot payments range from just over $200 to in excess of $1000 per year!

Sewer Line and Facilities Map – Annapolis Roads below.
(Not to Scale) – 2022-sewer-maps.pdf (aacounty.org) (https://www.aacounty.org/AACoOIT/pz/2022-sewer-maps.pdf) Water & Sewer Master Plan | Anne Arundel County, MD (aacounty.org) (https://www.aacounty.org/departments/planning-and-zoning/long-range-planning/water-and-sewer/) grinder-pump-guide.pdf (aacounty.org) (https://www.aacounty.org/departments/public-works/utilities/forms-and-publications/grinder-pump-guide.pdf)
ARPOA Social Committee is Seeking Members

Please consider joining the Social Committee to provide input on social events and opportunities you would like to see in Annapolis Roads.

Also, if you feel you don’t have the time to participate on the Social Committee for all activities, perhaps you have a special holiday or activity that you would be interested in planning and supporting.
Please contact ARPOA Social Committee Co-chairs:

Carol Tabak: email – caroltabak@att.net (mailto:caroltabak@att.net) or call 410.980.2794
Suzy Lutz: email – lutz1007@comcast.com (mailto:lutz1007@comcast.com) call 443.995.5429
Water Fowl Hunting Season

Beginning in 2017, the ARPOA Board resolved to protect the Annapolis Roads off shore area and shoreline from water fowl hunting.

ARPOA obtained the necessary license from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to protect the area along the Overlook bluff and the community beach. Also, a number of Annapolis Roads residents chose protect their waterfront areas.

Hunters are prohibited from hunting in these areas licensed by ARPOA.

“Any riparian landowner, regardless of how much shoreline they own, may license their shoreline to prevent the shoreline from being licensed at a later date by someone else. Once a stretch of shoreline is licensed, no other person may receive a license for the same shoreline, whether or not the original licensee establishes a stationary blind or blind site.” [source MD DNR]

The Board recently voted to again renew this license for the maximum term of 3 years.
Missing the Snow? Here You Go!

In case you are a snow lover and feeling like you need a fix – here are some cold blasts from the past!
Please, take care. Be safe.
Best wishes on behalf of the Annapolis Roads Board of Directors,

Linda Dodge
Vice President, Annapolis Roads Property Owners Assoc. (ARPOA)
303-880-4618 cell/text

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