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* REMINDER – Children’s Easter Egg Hunt – TOMORROW – Saturday Morning, April 16th at 10:00
* Easter Sunrise Service on The Overlook – Parking and Traffic Alert!
* Land’s End Traffic – Please Don’t Add to the Congestion
* REMINDER – Attention Annapolis Roads Runners
* Annapolis Roads Community FaceBook – we now have 60+ members – Sign Up Now!

Children’s Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday Morning, April 16^th, on the Overlook

Easter Sunrise Service, on the Overlook – Parking and Traffic Alert!

An Easter Sunrise Service has been scheduled by a resident for the Overlook, on April 17th beginning at 7:00 a.m. As you know, there are 21 parking spaces at the Overlook. The Eden Lane triangle will accommodate another 10 +/- depending on how folks park. Mr. George Graefe has been very generous in agreeing to allow overflow parking at the old golf pro shop lot on Carrollton Rd. just past Lyon Drive, and a short walk to the Overlook.

Under no circumstances should there be parking on the roadway, on residents’ lawns, or across driveways/entrance-ways.

At this time there is no estimate of the number of attendees. We suggest residents avoid the area if they are not attending the service. Carpooling is recommended – or if possible, consider walking to the service.

Land’s End Traffic – Please Don’t Add to the Congestion

There is significant contractor traffic and deliveries including large delivery vehicles occurring on Land’s End due to new home construction and remodeling projects. This traffic is necessary and will subside as the construction proceeds.

In the mean time anyone who does live on Land’s End is asked to avoid the area and not add to the congestion. A number of drivers have been traveling down to Land’s End only to be forced to turn around while vehicles are off-loading. This has been resulting in drivers often turning around in private drives and is impacting residents departing from or accessing their driveways.

Admittedly, it is a great view. If the view is beckoning, please don’t try to drive through, consider parking at the Overlook parking lot, or if the ground is dry, on the Eden Lane triangle and walk to the beach. By the way – 3 new benches will be installed on the beach in the very near future. Even more incentive to get out from behind the wheel and sit for a spell and soak up the view and the sounds of the beach.
Attention Annapolis Roads Runners

We ha ve had an inquiry about starting up a running club in the ‘hood.

Rob Childs has volunteered to help organize and kick-off an Annapolis Roads running club!

Rob and Cameron moved to Annapolis Roads in 2021. As we all know too well, last year due to the COVID restrictions and concerns, was not a year where we entertained events beyond our “pods” – even running.

What a great opportunity to greet the spring, get exercise and meet some of your neighbors with this common interest!

Please call Rob directly at 908-295-6017 or email him at robchilds33@gmail.com (mailto:robchilds33@gmail.com) if you are interested in participating in a running group/club. If you prefer, you may send questions/comments to info@annapolisroads.net (mailto:info@annapolisroads.net) and we will forward your email to Rob.
A huge thank you to Rob for volunteering to coordinate this opportunity!

Annapolis Roads Community FaceBook – We now have 60+ members!! Sign Up Now!

ARPOA is further expanding community communication services by adding an ARPOA Facebook opportunity for residents. Board Director Jacek “Jack” Pietrowski has provided the Q&A information below. It will explain how to sign up for the service as well as to answer many questions residents may have about this new effort. The ARPOA Board has embraced our FB presence to further expand communications from the ARPOA Board, as well as to promote communications among residents. It will also present additional opportunities and services including sharing items offered for sale or for free.

As stated in the ARPOA Questions and Answer (Q&A) below, we will continue to send Community Updates and information via email for those who subscribe, and we will also post or link Community Updates via the ARPOA Facebook page. Please sign up and enjoy the conversation.

ARPOA Facebook Q and A

For those who choose to participate, providing an ARPOA Facebook Group will allow us to have more real time communications with community members for urgent concerns, lost/found pets, and basic messaging. Community Updates will continue via email but can be shared by those who may find FB more convenient.

Q – How do I find the ARPOA page on Facebook?
A – Go to “Groups” of Facebook and search for “ARPOA” it should be the first one that pops up. There are descriptions of each group so it should be relatively easy to find.

Q – Can anyone join the group?
A – No, anyone can ask to become a member but the administrators/moderators have to approve each member. There is also a security question to weed out anyone not from Annapolis Roads.

Q – Are there rules for posts? How do questionable posts get handled?
A – There are rules that all members have to accept in order to enter the group. Posts are screened by Facebook AI and ones that are questionable are not posted but rather sent to administrators/moderators for adjudication. Members can also flag posts that they think break the rules and those are also put “on hold” (not visible to the group) until there is an adjudication decision.

Q – How many people are needed to run the group?
A – Initially, my guess is that there need to be about three to five people with the ability to approve new members for the initial start-up when there would be the greatest number of people wanting membership. After the initial rush we probably need three people to run the group, this is to account for vacations, work, or other commitments that could take a person out of the loop.

Q – What can you do on the Facebook group?
A – There any number of things people could do besides type in their thoughts. The possibilities are seen in the screen shot below. The Bay Ridge page has pictures and some of the security cameras facing the water as well as items for sale and events that are street but not community wide.
[A special thanks to Jack for the heavy lifting including designing, testing, and preparing the ARPOA Facebook page; for Nick, Jill, and Cecilia for anticipating some questions and concerns that could be forthcoming from residents so we could answer them in advance; for Jack and Neal for monitoring the site; and for everyone who has and will choose to engage in this effort.]

NOTE: We want this tool to be helpful, informative, and something that will foster civil, and yes – “kind” exchanges between neighbors in Annapolis Roads. For those who have expressed concern – we anticipate a refinement of “rules of conduct” in the future to make sure that posts are not inappropriate, inflammatory, or political in nature. Please sign up and ENJOY the conversations!
Please, take care. Be safe.
Best wishes on behalf of the Annapolis Roads Board of Directors,

Linda Dodge
President, Annapolis Roads Property Owners Assoc. (ARPOA)
303-880-4618 cell/text

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