1. Replace the batteries in all? your battery operated and battery backup smoke detectors!
  2. Planning on using your fireplace???Schedule a safety inspection if you haven’t had it inspected recently.
  3. When cleaning out your gutters, practice ladder safety.? Have someone “heel” the ladder for you, and watch for overhanging electrical wires.
  4. Winterize your sprinkler systems.
  5. Have your fall/winter heating system check.
  6. Install carbon monoxide detectors.? Already done??Great! Now, replace the batteries.
  7. Place your curb and driveway markers before the snow flies and the ground freezes.
  8. Buy replacement shovels and sidewalk salt (consider pet safe variety).
  9. Check your artificial Holiday/Christmas trees for age and wear/tear now – give yourself time buy a new one if needed.
  10. STAY WARM!