Officers & Board of Directors

Annapolis Roads Property Owners Association


Nick Kiley President 404-917-9397
Linda Dodge Vice President 410-224-3545
Neal Hoffman Treasurer
Cecilia Dalnekoff Secretary 410-991-0497

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Board of Directors

Allison Finder
Jere Glover
John Hoctor
Charlie Isaacs (650) 799-2978
Lew Linker 443-875-8070
Elena Marsteller Towne
Rahul Paris
Jacek Pietrowski

Committee and Social Groups

Annapolis Roads has a number of committees and other social groups that are active in the community. The board is authorized under the bylaws to name members to represent ARPOA in various regional organizations and to establish committees to oversee community needs, activities and projects.

Committees in Annapolis Roads are created and dissolved at various times to meet the specific needs of the community at a particular time and for specific circumstances. Committees serve at the pleasure of the board, are answerable to the board, and are guided by policy statements from the board.

Active committees are expected to report monthly at board meetings and at such other times as may be necessary. Below is a brief overview of the current committees. Committee chairs and board liaisons are listed elsewhere on the site. If you have talent, skill, or interest in any of these areas, please contact the committee chairs or boards reps for more information on meetings and activities.

For current information on our committees, click here.

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